Saturday, March 05, 2011

Canadian Lawyer Magazine Profile of Supreme Court of Canada General Counsel Barbara Kincaid

Canadian Lawyer has published a profile of Barbara Kincaid, General Counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada:
"Kincaid heads the operations sector at Canada’s top court, which makes her and her staff responsible for all activities related to processing cases that are brought to the SCC, including case management, providing legal and research services, and publication of the court’s decisions. That places her in command of about 80 court employees and four operational branches — law, reports, registry, and library and information management (...)"

"After 22 years at the top court, Kincaid says it has been an amazing experience. 'It is such an honour, such a privilege,' she says, adding that whether one is a legal counsel or law clerk, or the person working in the photocopying room, you really have a sense that what you do really makes a difference when you are working on a case. 'You see the impact that the work of the court has, and you see how incredibly challenging the job of the judges really is — how hard they work, and what they are called on to do, the kind of pressure that they face,' she says. 'So it’s a point of pride for everybody to make sure that when the court sits down to hear a case that they know that we’ve covered off the potential issues, they are not going to worry about anything other than listening to the case and deciding on it. When they come to release a judgment, they know that everything has been double-checked, and triple-checked, and that the translation is amazing. There is just so much pride'. "

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