Friday, September 23, 2011

New Content in FLARE Index to Treaties

According to an article in, the FLARE Index to Treaties has added new content.

The Index is a resource created by UK the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies:

"The FLARE Index to Treaties (FIT) ... which was launched in March 2009 on the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies web server has been extended to cover about a third more treaties and conventions"

"In the two years since it was launched the Index has established itself as a valuable finding tool for the international lawyer. It is a fully searchable database now indexing and listing over 2,000 of the most significant multilateral treaties concluded from 1353 onwards and a number of significant bilateral treaties signed between 1353 and 1815."

"This article describes the background to the extension and technical aspects of the updated implementation employed to deliver new content and finding features."

Many recent multilateral treaties were also added during the update, including International Labour Organization convention, the European Treaty Series of the Council of Europe, treaties concluded by the Organization of American States and every multilateral treaty printed in the Australian Treaty Serie.

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