Thursday, April 25, 2013

AALL Spectrum's 13th Annual Issue on Law Library Architecture

The May 2013 issue of the AALL Spectrum, the monthly publication of the Association of American Law Libraries, is devoted to law library architecture south of the border. Nice pix.

From the presentation:
"The 13th annual architecture series features two new buildings and four remodels/renovations from two public law libraries, one law firm, and three academic libraries. Both new buildings aim to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications. In Baltimore, the library transitioned from occupying two floors to being spread over six, and in Denver, the new library bridges print and electronic."

"In Seattle, the law firm library shrank and kept satellite libraries because users wanted them. In San Diego, the library staff imagined a future law library where both Aristotle and Lady Gaga could enjoy reading."

"In Kansas City, students can now easily enter the library from the law school classrooms, while in Boise the library expresses the vision of its founder and the community."


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