Sunday, July 14, 2013

CLA Government Library Network Interview With Laura Lemmens

For the past few months, the CLA Government Library and Information Management Professionals Network, part of the Canadian Library Association (CLA), has been publishing 13 Questions With..., a series on its website that profiles a member of the Canadian library and IM community every week.

This week's interview is with Laura Lemmens, Alberta Government Library:
"Career advice – what’s your top tip?
Get involved with associations and communities of practice, network and volunteer! All of these activities will get your name out there and people with think of you when opportunities present themselves. You will make all sorts of connections to ideas and people (...)
How do you stay current in your field?
Staying current is like sinking in quicksand. We are in an information age where information is expanding geometrically and the only way to try and keep up is to network and discussion, sign up for social media sites and blogs related to your areas of interest and more. All things are interesting and the more you know, the more connections you make."

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