Saturday, April 12, 2014

Roundup of SLA Twitter Chat on Proving the Value of Information Services

This is a follow-up to the March 30, 2014 Library Boy post entitled SLA April 3 Twitter Chat on Proving the Value of Information Service.

Last week, the international information professional organization SLA held a "Twitter Chat" with a focus on the following topics:
  • Communicating Your Value – how do you overcome the difficulty in demonstrating the value of your information services to the business? How do you constantly “get closer to the action”?
  • Understanding the Drivers – This can easily read “Understanding the strategy,” or “Understanding the preferences.” How do you gain an understanding of the overall strategy of your organization, and use that understanding to proactively contribute? How do you capture user preferences on an ongoing basis, and cater your services to those preferences? 
  • Managing the Process – How do you develop a project management approach to delivering your services and projects? How do you manage the complexity of data at your disposal, along with the internal and external resources? How do you encourage self-service and establish multiple access points to your services? 
  • Providing Decision-Ready Information – How do you ensure the utmost relevancy of your information? How do you not only provide the information needed, but seek opportunities to influence the decision yourself? What tools do you use to provide bite-size, easy-to-digest chunks and visuals? 
SLA has now published the content of that Twitter event.

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