Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Issue of Law Library Journal Now Available

The Spring 2014 issue of Law Library Journal is available on the website of the American Association of Law Libraries.

Among the articles are the following:
  • Law Firm Knowledge Management: A Selected Annotated Bibliography: "This selected annotated bibliography covers scholarly research articles on knowledge management in law firms. The annotations are preceded by an introduction highlighting salient themes that emerge in this literature. These include the use and effectiveness of information technology in law firm knowledge management, the human side of knowledge sharing, and lessons for law firm and law school librarians."
  • Breaking Down the Black Box: How Actor Network Theory Can Help Librarians Better Train Law Students in Legal Research Techniques: "The development of a pedagogy for the teaching of legal research would serve to both improve the quality of research instruction that law students receive and elevate the status of those providing that instruction within the legal academy. Actor network theory, a methodology that originated in the field of science studies to trace relations in the process of group formation, can assist librarians in the development of such a pedagogy and also help them to better understand how to position themselves as the experts best suited to the task of providing that instruction."

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