Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Law Library of Congress Report on Constitutional Provisions on National and Religious Identity

The Law Library of Congress in Washington recently released a comparative report on Constitutional Provisions on National and Religious Identity:
"This report contains information on provisions in constitutions and other founding documents specifying an ethnic or religious identity for a n Asian or European country. Section I covers twenty countries and includes those indicating an ethnic identity and in some cases also a religious one. Section II covers four countries for whom those documents mention only a religious identity, not an ethnic one, and whose constitutions indicate that the specified religion is the basis for legislation. Section III covers thirteen countries that specify a religion, without necessarily indicating that religion is the basis of legislation and without any single ethnic identity."
The Law Library of Congress is the world’s largest law library, with a collection of over 2.65 million volumes from all ages of history and virtually every jurisdiction in the world.

It has produced many comparative law reports on a large range of topics.

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