Thursday, February 18, 2016

CanLII Connects Tops 40,000 Summaries and Commentaries on Canadian Cases

CanLII Connects, the platform created by the Canadian Legal Information Institute to allow publishers, law firms and academics to share commentary on Canadian cases and legislation for anyone to read free of charge, recently reached the milestone of 40,000 posts:
"As CanLII Connects matures as a legal research tool, we are working to make sure people see what’s posted. We’ve added a more prominent link to CanLII Connects on the CanLII homepage, a running list of CanLII Connects’ four most recently added posts on the main search page, links to CanLII Connects case pages from search result pages when there’s commentary on the site, and changed the display in the case headnote to let you know if there’s commentary on a case before you click though."
Another source of free legal commentary can be found on CAIJ, the Centre d'accès à l'information juridique (the network of courthouse law libraries associated with the Québec Bar Association). CAIJ has signed resource sharing agreements with more than 20 major law firms that provide freely available  guides, bulletins and commentary articles on the website. Commentary can be in French or English.

The law firm commentary on CAIJ is part of a collection that already includes full-text commentary and textbooks including the Développements récents (annual reviews of areas of law), the Collection de droit (Bar School materials), proceedings of the annual Quebec Bar Association congresses, a growing number of treatises from publisher Wilson & Lafleur, numerous annotated acts, case law, and a list of thousands of legal questions with their corresponding answers.

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