Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Analysis of Beverley McLachlin's Output as Chief Justice of Canada

The Court.ca blog run by students at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto has just published part 2 of The Supreme Court by Numbers, an analysis of the output of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin since she was appointed to her position in January 2000.

Part 1 was published in April and consisted in a word-count analysis of the output of all the Supreme Court of Canada justices based on the 2015 decisions of the Court (in English).

Part 2 concludes by saying:
"McLachlin’s output is worthy of a Chief Justice who has spent many years on the Court. She continues to produce a remarkable number of opinions annually, while attending to her other duties as Chief, she is squarely in the majority camp for most decisions, and is also able to join with all of her colleagues, albeit some more frequently than others. In order to see how her legacy compares with her peers, our next project will be to compare and contrast Chief Justice MacLachlin’s output with her two Charter­-era predecessors: Chief Justice Brian Dickson and Antonio Lamer."

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