Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Lineup at the Supreme Court of Canada

Earlier this week, the Toronto Star published a preview of some of the big cases to be heard this fall at the Supreme Court of Canada:
"Can a Canadian court curb Google search results worldwide if they advertise a Canadian company’s counterfeiting competitor? Does Facebook violate your privacy rights when it uses your name and photo in ads to endorse products after you 'liked' a website? What’s the proper test to release a convicted murderer on bail while he appeals a conviction?"

"They’re just some of the big questions among 29 appeals facing a short-handed Supreme Court of Canada as it starts a busy fall session next month."
The Court website has more details in its Scheduled Hearings section. Click on the name of any upcoming case to access docket information, a summary of the legal issues involved as well as copies of the facta submitted by the parties.


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