Monday, October 17, 2016

Government of Canada Nominates Mr. Justice Malcolm Rowe to the Supreme Court of Canada

Earlier today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the nomination of Court of Appeal of Newfoundland and Labrador Justice Malcolm Rowe to the Supreme Court of Canada:
"This is the first nomination by the Government of Canada under its new Supreme Court selection process, which was established to promote greater openness, transparency, and accountability."

"With today’s announcement, the members of the House of Commons’ Committee on Justice and Human Rights will be given a week to prepare for a special committee hearing, where the Minister of Justice and the Chair of the Independent Advisory Board will explain the process and why the nominee was selected."

"To further meet our commitment to openness and transparency, members of the House’s Justice and Human Rights Committee and Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee – as well as representatives of the Bloc Québécois and Green Party – will be invited to take part in a Q&A session with the nominee, moderated by a law professor, on October 25."
He will replace Thomas Cromwell of Nova Scotia, who retired Sept. 1.


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