Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Law Library Benchmarks 2018-19

New York-based Primary Research Group has released Law Library Benchmarks 2018-19 Edition:
"The report looks closely at the current policies and plans of North American law libraries in many areas, focusing especially on plans for information spending, with specific data on databases, books, reporters, eBooks, directories, magazines, newspapers, and other information vehicles. It also gives detailed information on how a sampling of law librarians view the information use training and other policies of major vendors of legal information.  They also discuss their plans for information purchases in the future.  The report includes a highly detailed segment on what librarians are doing in the area of artificial intelligence, including data on use of products from many specific AI vendors, and librarians’ perceptions about how they view AI and how it is viewed by top non-library management in their organizations.  The report also gives trend data on overall library budgets."

"This biennial study of law firms presents data from 42 law libraries in the USA and Canada.  Data is broken out by type of law library (corporate, university, courthouse, other) and by number of librarians employed, and for US and Canadian law libraries."
Print and PDF versions are available for $139.00 (US). Site licenses are also available.

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