Thursday, January 10, 2019

Disappearing Data Caused by US Federal Government Shutdown

The Pew Research Center's Fact Tank website has documented a perhaps unforeseen consequence of the ongoing shutdown of major parts of the US federal government: the drying up of the important streams of data government that institutions provide citizens, investors, planners and the government itself:
"Figuring out which of the government’s data streams will continue to flow and which have been stoppered is complicated, not least because some agencies were fully funded before last month’s budget negotiations reached a stalemate, and thus have been able to keep operating. Here’s a look at what data are and are not available during the shutdown, from what we’ve been able to find out via agency release schedules and planning documents, third-party calendars, and our own reporting. Bear in mind that, based on past experience, scheduled data releases may be delayed because of information-gathering backlogs even after the budget impasse is resolved and agencies fully reopen."

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