Monday, February 11, 2019

Canadian Association of Law Libraries Webinar on "Pre-Crime"

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) is hosting a webinar on February 27, 2019 on Pre-Crime :
"This webinar will explore recent developments in Canadian law that indicate a new trend toward imposing punitive measures at increasingly earlier stages of the prosecutorial process. The result is a potentially new field of criminal management some academics have dubbed 'pre-crime'. Pre-crime, which seeks to use the law as a technology of surveillance, is based upon ideas now seen as commonplace in the era of the 'war on terror'. Specifically, the need to ensure security at all costs, the proliferation of digital data, and the development of drones, social networking, and cloud storage to gather personal data. The webinar will be of use to anyone with an interest in criminal law, policing, and surveillance, as well as those interested in how areas of law, such as immigration, health, and anti-terrorism, are mobilizing the logic of risk and surveillance in new ways that emphasize precaution."
The speaker will be Dr. Richard Jochelson, associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba.

The webinar takes place from 1 to 2:30PM Eastern.

Cost is $45.20 for CALL members ($28.25 for CALL student members), $67.80 for non-members.

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