Thursday, September 19, 2019

Manitoba Law Reform Commission Consultation Report on Wills Act

The Manitoba Law Reform Commission has issued a consultation report called Reform of The Wills Act Revisited:
"In 2003, the Manitoba Law Reform Commission ... published Report 108, Wills and Succession Legislation (“Report 108”), which contains 77 recommendations to reform wills legislation in Manitoba, none of which has been implemented. Since the report’s release, several other law reform agencies have published reports on this topic and several legislative amendments have been enacted by other jurisdictions; they make timely an update of Report 108 and afford an opportunity to shine light on and affirm the recommendations and add several new recommendations."
The report examines many questions, including those relating to mental Capacity, minors, electronic wills, revocation, undue influence and more.

It also examines the situation in other Canadian provinces, as well as in England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

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