Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Twitter Town Hall With British Columbia Provincial Court

David Bilinsky today published a post on the Slaw.ca website about a recent Provincial Court of BC’s Twitter Town Hall.

Last month,  the Provincial Court of British Columbia’s Chief Judge hosted the province’s Chief Justice as well as a former self-represented litigant for a two-hour live discussion on Twitter with people from the province, other parts of Canada and abroad.

As Bilinsky writes:
"Since the proceedings have been covered in depth [see https://www.provincialcourt.bc.ca/enews/enews-19-11-2019], I wanted to discuss what I find momentous about this event and possibly, comment on its future implications (...)"

"There is no denying that we have an access to justice issue in the courts and society, not only in BC or Canada, but world-wide. Different approaches are being tried in many locations with the best of intentions, aiming to improve access to justice (...)"
"One thing that happens when you reach out to the world. You receive information about approaches that have been developed elsewhere and then enter into a meaningful discussion as to their applicability here (...)"

"There were many suggestions and approaches outlined to address access to justice. Benchers, The Law Society, PovNet, BC’s Office of the Ombudsman, Legal Aid BC, the CBABC, the Courthouse Library, TLABC, Mediate BC, the BC Utilities Commission, the BC Law Institute, the BC Family Innovations Lab, Access to Justice BC, The Society of Notaries, lawyers, notaries, and many others joined in the wide-ranging discussions."

"Like a pebble dropped in a still pool of water, the ripples of the Twitter Town Hall have spread far and wide. Initiatives such as these help push the access to justice boulder a little higher up the hill."
Pretty cool, eh?

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