Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Interview With Shannon Salter of British Columbia's All Online Civil Resolution Tribunal

The American court case tracking website UniCourt has published an interview with Shannon Salter, head of the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), Canada’s first online court system.
"With the unprecedented spread of a global pandemic, businesses and consumers alike find themselves at an eerie halt – and the legal field is no exception. Courts are closed, deadlines continued, and cases put on hold. People find themselves connecting online, holding meetings and conferences virtually. And right now there is a clear separation between those who are prepared and those who aren’t: courts that have already embraced the virtual realm are able to continue business as usual, while those who haven’t have shuttered their doors."

"Shannon Salter is one of those who is prepared."

"Shannon’s work through the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), Canada’s first online court system, has transformed the way consumers interact with the legal system. As the keynote speaker at the 2020 Legal Services Corporation Innovation in Technology Conference, she said: 'The justice system doesn’t belong to us lawyers and judges. It belongs to the people we serve.' Indeed, the CRT is paving a path for accessibility through online dispute resolution. It provides the access the public wants: it’s simple, intuitive, and free from bureaucratic hurdles."

"We recently sat down with Shannon to learn more about her journey in helming the CRT, the principles that drive her, and her thoughts on how online dispute resolution will transform the legal profession."
Among other things, the CRT handles British Columbia cases involving many motor vehicle injuries. small claims, and condo disputes. For more information, readers can visit the CRT website.

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