Tuesday, May 26, 2020

13 Questions With Lauren Buchanan, Australian Metadata Librarian

The librarianship.ca website has been running a series of librarian profiles called 13 Questions With...

To mark Library and Information Week in Australia, the site is profiling colleagues from down under.

The first profile is that of Lauren Buchanan, Senior Metadata Librarian, University of South Australia:
Career advice – what’s your top tip?
"Be open, flexible, and adaptable. Sometimes a job might look perfect and amazing on paper but the reality of it is a living nightmare. If a work situation is probably not going to improve because of the personalities or the structures involved, regroup, look around, and see what else is out there! Talk to your trusted colleagues and friends to see if there might be other roles on the horizon that might be interesting and go for it! Be prepared to adapt yourself to roles that you didn’t think would suit you – you might surprise yourself. Get used to managing up with tact and diplomacy where possible. At the same time, try not to burn any bridges with former bosses or colleagues."

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