Saturday, May 16, 2020

Survey Results - U.S. Academic Law Libraries COVID-19 Response

NELLCO, a law library consortium based in the North East United States, has published results from a survey it recently conducted concerning the response of academic law libraries to the COVID-19 pandemic:
"The 23-item survey asked libraries about the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on their library and staff and what ideas are being considered as they plan to reopen. While the survey was developed and analyzed by NELLCO, NELLCO membership was not a requirement for survey participation or receipt of the results."

"The invitation asked that the survey only be completed once per library. A total of 122 academic law libraries (61%) answered at least one question on the survey. Of the 122 participants who started the survey, 100 (82%) completed the survey."
The results are broken down into six sections:
  • Survey Overview and Demographics
  • Summer and Fall Course Format and Support
  • Financial Implications
  • Collections and Services
  • Health and Safety Enhancements
  • Reopening Plans

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