Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Library of Congress Hispanic Division Country Guides

The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. runs a blog called 4 Corners of the World to highlight its international collections.

A recent post explains The Origins of the Hispanic Division Country Guides:

"The Library of Congress has published many research guides and finding aids over the years, both in physical and electronic formats. The current research guides aim to provide online access to materials that engage, inspire and inform Congress and the American people. In the Hispanic Division, we are responsible for managing reference services and recommending acquisitions related to the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, as well as Spanish and Portuguese heritage communities in other areas like the U.S., the Spanish Philippines, the Marianas Islands, Portuguese Asia, and Spanish and Portuguese Africa – a big slice of the world. With these new online research guides, we saw an opportunity to focus attention on the regions we serve by developing country-specific guides."

Country guides cover legal resources. Here is the example of the guide for Mexico.


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