Monday, January 24, 2022

LawBytes Podcast on Protecting Society from Surveillance Software

In the most recent LawBytes podcast, University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist talks about surveillance software with Professor Ron Deibert who leads the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto:

"The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, led by Professor Ron Deibert, has a well-earned reputation for uncovering surveillance technologies and security vulnerabilities with research and reports that attract immediate attention worldwide. Professor Deibert has won an incredible array of awards and accolades for his remarkable work, including the Order of Ontario and the EFF’s Pioneer Award. In 2020, he delivered the Massey Lectures, based on his book for the lectures, Reset:  Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society. Professor Deibert joins the Law Bytes podcast to talk about the lab, his work, and the threat of what he calls 'despotism as a service', where spyware is used to target journalists, activists, and civil society groups."

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