Wednesday, January 26, 2022

What Do You Call a Law Firm Library?

The HBR legal consulting group website published an article last week on the age old question What’s in a Name? The Future of Law Firm Library Departments:

"Those shelves full of legal tomes are largely relics of the past, replaced by online legal research tools, and rather than simply tracking down court opinions or an obscure law review article, law firm library professionals are expected to assist lawyers with far more." 
"The law firm library department’s functional evolution has been accompanied by the introduction of new nomenclature describing who we are and what we do. Are we still the Library? Or are we Information Services? Or maybe Knowledge Management? Or some amalgamation of all the above? Moreover, where do we fit inside the firm’s administrative org chart?"

It is a good overview of the discussions about the vocabulary used to describe legal research/information departments and the roles they fulfill.

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