Sunday, June 19, 2022

Law Commission of Ontario Report on Accountable Artificial Intelligence

Last week, the Law Commission of Ontario released a new report discussing artificial intelligence (AI) in the Canadian justice system.

The report examines AI and Automated Decision-making (ADM) systems used to assist government decision-making in public benefits, child protection, education, immigration, regulatory compliance, and many other civil and administrative justice applications:

"Notwithstanding AI’s potential, government use of AI is controversial. There are many examples of government AI systems that have proven to be biased, illegal, secretive or ineffective. As a result, many governments – including the Government of Ontario – are adopting 'Trustworthy AI' frameworks to assure the public and stakeholders that government AI development and use will be transparent, legal and beneficial."

"Trustworthy AI is an important initiative, and the LCO commends the Government of Ontario for publicly committing to this goal. Achieving 'Trustworthy AI”', however, will depend on governments addressing a complex series of policy, legal and operational questions that go far beyond public statements of principle. Addressed thoughtfully, the answers to these questions will help governments and public agencies maximize AI’s benefits and minimize its harms (...)"

"Canadian governments have an opportunity to become leaders in successful AI deployment by applying hard-learned lessons and taking proactive measures to ensure trustworthy and accountable AI. Absent these measures, government ministries, agencies, tribunals and courts will likely need to address important legal and technical issues on a case-by-case basis, resulting in poorer public services, biased and inconsistent government decision-making, diminished rights protection, delays, and unnecessary costs and litigation."

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