Thursday, September 21, 2023

Government of Canada Brief Report on The Future of Generative AI

The Government of Canada Publications Weekly Acquisitions List can be a great way to discover new research reports published by various public bodies and agencies of the federal government.

In a recent edition of the list, there was a link to a report on The future of generative AI : what could we see five years following the launch of ChatGPT?:

"This first iteration of this foresight brief (May 2023) explores some potential shifts and disruptions that may arise due to generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the next five years. As ChatGPT has taken the world’s attention, this foresight brief highlights eight key things to know about generative AI, and important implications in three key areas: critical infrastructure, labour and market conditions, and content production and processing. Generative AI could unleash scientific innovation, raise productivity, and change the way people find information. These technologies are also likely to create disruptions and challenges for multiple policy areas. By reflecting on what might happen in the future, Policy Horizons Canada aims to strengthen decision making within the Government of Canada"

The report was written by Policy Horizons Canada, an organization within the federal public service that conducts strategic foresight research.

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