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Another Librarian Profile, This Time From Australia

This is a follow-up to 3 recent posts about profiles of people in the library and information field.

The Australian Law Librarian, the journal published by the Australian Law Librarians' Association, regularly runs profiles of members "down under".

In the December issue of the journal there is a profile of Miz Brmbota, Manager Collections and Reader Experience, Law Library Victoria.  Victoria is a state in southeast Australia. Melbourne is the capital city:

"When did you become a law librarian and what was your first law library job?
I  majored  in  legal  studies  in  my  undergraduate  degree  and  have  always  had  an  interest  in  the  law.  After  I  completed  my  Grad  Dip,  I  applied  for  a  job  at  Middletons  Lawyers  (now  K&L  Gates)  as  a  Research Consultant and got the job. They were looking to get away from terms such as ‘Librarian’ in their job titles, and I got to have this cool job title (so I thought). It was a steep learning curve, but I loved it."

"Getting research queries from the lawyers on obscure topics was exciting. I enjoyed scouring all the legal databases and searching the internet. Some days you found nothing and were totally defeated. Other days were glorious, and you basked in the kudos from the lawyers for having found something they and their teams could not. Everyone at Middletons worked hard, and they celebrated wins pretty hard too. It was a fun time to be there (...)"

"Do you have a favourite library?
The  State  Library  of  Victoria  is  great.  The  La  Trobe  Reading  Room  is  spectacular.  The  Supreme  Court of Victoria Library building is also special. Every time I walk in, I look up at the dome and around at the portraits and think, wow. It was built with gold rush money and is totally ostentatious, with incredible wood panelling and gold ornaments. If you haven’t come in and seen it, you really need to. I know this is all a bit Vic- centric, but if you’re an avid bibliophile and come to Melbourne for a visit, they are both a must see."

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