Sunday, February 18, 2024

Courthouse Libraries BC Provides Free Access to Docket Information

Courthouse Libraries BC, the network of public law libraries in 30 courthouses around the province of British Columbia, is now providing free access to the province's court records system in its various locations.

Known as Court Services Online, the system provides access to provincial and BC Supreme Court civil files:

"We’ve secured special access to BC’s Court Services Online’s (CSO) E-search for all visitors to our library branches. This access is not just a new service—it’s a bridge to understanding the intricacies of legal proceedings, offering unparalleled insight into court cases within the limits of court records access policies."

"What is CSO E-search and Why Does It Matter?"

"CSO E-search is an online portal that allows users to search and view docket information for BC court cases. It’s an essential tool for anyone needing detailed information about legal precedents, court procedures, and the progress of specific cases. Until now, access was restricted by a pay-wall, making it challenging for the general public and even some legal professionals to obtain the information they needed without economic barriers."

"This special arrangement with CSO E-search opens up numerous possibilities for legal research, education, and preparation."

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