Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Obama Transition Resources - Law Librarians Get In On The Act

This is a follow-up to the November 8, 2008 Library Boy post Resources on Obama Presidential Transition.

When Canadian governments change, there is very little material available to explain the process. South of our borders, there is a flood of data, info, analysis, suggestions, debate and punditry. A political junkie's dream come true:
  • Moving Toward a 21st-Century Right-to-Know Agenda: this is from a government freedom of information coalition that includes most major American law library associations. "We, the undersigned, support the principles of government openness as articulated in the recommendations generated by the 21st Century Right to Know project, although not all of us agree on every recommendation. With a new presidential administration and a new Congress taking office in 2009, we believe there is a great opportunity, and great need, to increase government transparency. We hope these recommendations contribute to that important work."
  • The Presidential Transition (The Brookings Institution): "Our next president will face enormous and unprecedented challenges, from global financial turmoil to ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But on each of the 12 big issues the new Administration will face, there are facts, ideas and solutions. Between now and Inauguration Day, we’ll be examining these policy challenges, with public discussions, memos to the president-elect, and a weekly podcast. Whether you’re a first-time voter or an 'inside the beltway' insider, we hope you’ll browse the material in our Briefing Room, join the conversation, and keep up with us by signing up for our weekly newsletter."
  • Presidential Transition (C-Span channel) : the cable TV channel for U.S. politics fanatics has audio and video reports and links to other resources
  • Obama's Transition to Power (PBS Newshour): the U.S. public broadcaster has created a special section on its website
  • White House Transition Project: "Since 1997, the White House Transition Project has combined the efforts of scholars, universities, and policy institutions to smooth out the American presidential transition. WHTP bridges the gaps between the partisan forces engaged in settling elections and the decision processes essential to governing by providing non-partisan information about the challenges of the American presidential transition and the strategies for overcoming those challenges. It provides these and other resources to presidential campaigns, to the president-elect, and to the new administration. These resources include three seperate report series providing a White House institutional memory, perspectives on past transitions, and advanced reserach covering special aspects of transitions and governing. The WHTP also provides unique analysis of the appointments process and a clearinghouse on other transition resources. "


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