Saturday, November 08, 2008

Resources on Obama Presidential Transition

Here are resources to help us understand what will happen and what is at stake South of our borders:
  • 2009 Congressional and Presidential Transition (Government Accountability Office, U.S. Government): "Following each presidential election, GAO serves as a resource to assist with the transition to a new Congress and administration. On this Web site, using its institutional knowledge and broad-based, nonpartisan work on matters across the government spectrum, GAO provides insight into, and recommendations for addressing, the nation’s major issues, risks and challenges. Also located throughout the site are key reports for further research, as well as contact information for and video messages from GAO experts."
  • : Office of the President-Elect: official site of the Obama-Biden government agenda, includes policies, news, blogs, videos
  • Presidential transition resources (Congresspedia - Sunlight Foundation): wiki including laws, Congressional Research Service reports, Congressional hearings on transition issues, media coverage, background documents and policy recommendations from many sources on the transition
  • Criminal Justice Recommendations for New Administration and Congress Released Today by Coalition of Experts (Sentencing Project): "The 2009 Criminal Justice Transition Coalition, which includes The Sentencing Project and 20 other prominent national organizations, released today a collaborative report identifying critical needs for federal policy reform. Smart on Crime: Recommendations for the Next Administration and Congress contains comprehensive policy recommendations at every stage of the justice system for the new Administration and Congress."
  • Better Question: Who Isn’t a Lawyer on Obama’s Transition Team? (ABA Journal): "President-elect Barack Obama and his VP-elect Joe Biden wasted no time assembling their transition team, which features a number of attorneys. (Graduates of Harvard Law School, Obama's alma mater, also proliferate.)"


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