Saturday, November 22, 2008

United Nations University Online Audio/Video Archives

The United Nations University Office in New York recently made audio and video recordings of many of its past events available online.

There are a number of videos of law-related events:
  • International Criminal Accountability and Children's Rights (June 27, 2008): "Over the past several years, the rights of children have come to be accepted by international criminal tribunals; it has been acknowledged that child victims are no less entitled to justice than are adults. Complicating such progress, though, is the fact that testifying about war crimes and similar abuses may add to, rather than alleviate, the trauma of already victimized children. There is also the dilemma of child soldiers: what is justice when a child has been both victim, and perpetrator, of terrible acts? How should international justice deal with such cases?"
  • Can Genocide Be Prevented? (June 12, 2008): "Watch the interview 'Can Genocide be Prevented?' with Dr. Francis Deng, Special Advisor of the Secretary-General for the Prevention of Genocide. Join Dr. David Hamburg, DeWitt Wallace Distinguished Scholar at Weill Cornell Medical College, as he explores the root causes of genocide, how it can be prevented and an overview of what the UN has done and can do to prevent genocide."
  • For the Rule of Law - Criminal Justice Teaching and Training Across the World (October 28, 2008): "The panel was based on the recently published book For the Rule of Law: Criminal Justice Teaching and Training Across the World ... Bringing together 21 contributions from 26 authors, this anthology has taken up the challenge of establishing 'a common language of justice' to facilitate the realization of the rule of law worldwide. The authors establish a broad international context in which to better understand the importance of the promotion of human rights and the rule of law within the criminal justice sector, the universalization of standards, and security and justice reforms."
The United Nations University seeks to form a bridge between the United Nations and the international academic community and to serve as a think-tank for the United Nations system. Its headquarters are in Tokyo and it maintains research affiliates and offices throughout the world. Its students are postgraduate or postdoctoral researchers.

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