Saturday, March 07, 2009

Historical Versions of Statutes on CanLII

The free legal information portal CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) has launched its new legislative publishing service that provides historical versions of statutes and regulations from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and the federal government:
"The main improvements introduced by this new approach are:
  • Versions of statutes and regulations reflect real changes;
  • Legislative updates are carried out on a weekly basis;
  • Versions’ dates correspond to legislative changes, such as entry into force, amendment or repeal;
  • You can search a legislative text as it was legally binding on a particular date in the past. Historical coverage is approximately five years;
  • You can compare two different versions of a particular document;
  • You can noteup statutes’ sections;
  • RSS feeds are available to inform you about legislative changes of a particular statute or database"
The above features will be added to other provincial jurisdictions later this year.

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