Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Quebec Legal Info Service CAIJ Launches Mobile Research

CAIJ, the Centre d'accès à l'information juridique (the network of law libraries associated with the Québec Bar Association), today launched a mobile version of its suite of free online legal research products.

CAIJ | mobile will provide access to:
  • CAIJ’s online catalogue
  • its databases of legislation, case law and legal literature
  • JuriBistro TOPO, the CAIJ knowledgebase of hundreds of legal questions and answers from 57 fields of law
  • access to Quebec Bar Association publications such as Développements récents (annual reviews of areas of law), the Collection de droit (Bar School materials), and proceedings of the annual Bar Association congresses
Earlier Library Boy posts related to CAIJ services and products include:
  • CALL Conference 2007 - Cool Things Session (May 9, 2007): "Sonia Loubier of CAIJ (Centre d'accès à l'information juridique or Legal Information Access Centre, a library network associated with the Quebec Bar Association) gave a presentation on their JuriBistro Topo product. Launched in the fall of 2006, JuriBistro Topo is a massive knowledgebase containing thousands of legal research questions and answers based on the 20,000 plus questions local CAIJ outlets receive annually from laywers across Quebec. The CAIJ network includes 38 courthouse libraries, 8 regional libraries, 3 resource libraries and 27 local service points. A typical question and answer file will include the applicable legislation, case law and top sources of commentary on the issue."
  • RSS Feeds for Reference Questions Handled by Quebec Law Libraries (December 22, 2008): "... it is possible to subscribe to RSS feeds from CAIJ ... There are RSS feeds for new library acquisitions, for legislative updates, and for news by topic. The most interesting RSS feed for me is the one for new reference questions added to the JuriBistro Topo collection."
  • Free Access to Quebec Bar Association Materials On CAIJ (January 31, 2009): "Continuing education materials from the Quebec Bar Association have been available for free since the fall of 2008 on the website of CAIJ. This includes: Bar School texts; annual conference papers; the Développements récents collection (recent developments in specific areas of law)"

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