Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Law Commission of Ontario Releases Papers on Disability Issues

The Law Commission of Ontario has released 6 papers commissioned earlier this year that deal with the Law as it Affects Persons with Disabilities.

The research papers are part of the Commission's Persons with Disabilities Project:
"This Project will not focus on reform of any one specific issue; rather, its purpose is to develop a principled analytical framework for this area of the law that can be used as a tool for shaping new legislation that affect persons with disabilities or reforming current law (...)"

"There are several themes that the LCO is interested in exploring in the Project, including:

  • ableism and hidden stereotypes within the law or in the implementation of the law;
  • diversity within the disability community and the implications this has for developing a coherent framework;
  • overlaps, inconsistencies and gaps in laws that affect persons with disabilities;
  • the issues related to eligibility criteria and the role of gatekeepers in making determinations about who is entitled to access programs and services;
  • whether persons with disabilities can effectively access supports necessary to ensure full participation in society; and
  • whether laws affecting the rights of persons with disabilities are effectively implemented and whether enforcement mechanisms are accessible and effective."

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