Monday, December 13, 2010

Mergers and Acquisitions in Legal Publishing

Today on, Gary P. Rodrigues has posted an article entiled More Speculation on Mergers and Acquisitions in Legal Publishing:

"Acquisitions and mergers are expected to continue as the major legal publishers explore ways to increase their profitability, achieve growth and increase market share. When organic growth fails to achieve corporate expectations, acquisitions and mergers are the next best thing."

"The acquisition of Canada Law Book by Carswell Thomson is simply the most recent acquisition of note in the Canadian market (...) "

"Speculation continues in legal publishing circles in the United Kingdom and elsewhere regarding more mergers and acquisitions. Two of them could have a significant impact in Canada if they materialized. The first was a merger of Lexis Nexis and Wolters Kluwer and the second was the acquisition of The Practical Law Company by Thomson Reuters."
My personal guess: we will all be owned by FaceGoogleZon one day.


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