Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Future Plans of the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice

As I mentioned in late November 2010, the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice has moved from Alberta to York University in Toronto.

The Forum's goal is to conduct research into how the administration of the civil justice system can be improved and made more accessible to Canadians.

Today, the Forum contributed a post to describing some of its future plans:
"In early February, senior academic researchers and systems and technology specialists from several faculties of the University will meet to brainstorm and identify collaborative, multi-disciplinary research initiatives to address critical issues in civil justice processes and systems"

"This meeting will be followed by a gathering in March of key Forum stakeholders from provincial attorneys general and federal justice departments, provincial law commissions and foundations, the judiciary, civil justice systems administration, the academy and other stakeholders with a critical interest in the effectiveness and efficiency of civil justice systems to discuss and provide input into the current and future role of the Forum, as well as specific research proposals for addressing important civil justice needs of the Canadian public (...)"

"One of the Forum’s newest projects is focused on The Cost of Justice: Weighing the Costs of Fair and Effective Resolution to Legal Problems."

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