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2012 Blawggie Awards

This is a follow-up to the Library Boy post of January 3, 2013 entitled 2012 Clawbies – Canadian Law Blog Award.

U.S. legal technology expert Dennis Kennedy has been awarding his own Blawggies or annual Best of Law-related Blogging Awards since 2004.

Here are the 2012 Blawggie Awards:
"This ninth edition of the awards makes them the longest running annual awards list for law-related blogs selected by a lawyer named Dennis Kennedy living in St. Louis, Missouri. What was originally just a crazy idea turned into a bit of an institution in the world of law-related blogging."

"I’ve included some explanatory and historical information about the Blawggies at the end of this post. As I’ve said before and explain in more detail at the end of this post, the Blawggies are not based on any popular votes, surveys or, God forbid, objective criteria. I choose the winners from only the blogs I read regularly. They are highly-opinionated choices made by me alone as I write this post."
In 2012, the Best Overall Law-Related Blog is Canadian: Jordan Furlong’s

And of course, how could I let Kennedy's remarks about the Best Law-related Blog Category go by without quoting them? The best category award goes to Law Librarian Blogs:
"I use this category annually to highlight the blogs written by law librarians, a category that I don’t think gets enough attention. These blogs are places to find great information, help for finding information, links to great resources and just plain interesting insights into topics like knowledge management and our changing world of information."

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