Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Halsbury's Laws of Canada Legal Encyclopedia Completed

Simon Chester reported yesterday at Slaw.ca that Lexis-Nexis Canada has completed the final volume of Halsbury's Laws of Canada, its Canadian common law legal encyclopaedia:
"Halsburys is testament to the vision of Slaw's own Gary Rodrigues who launched the effort seven years ago thus: ' With Halsbury's Laws of Canada, customers benefit from a powerful resource that appropriately and inclusively deals with each provincial jurisdiction and federal law, ' said Gary Rodrigues, [who was then] vice president, Publishing, at LexisNexis Canada. ' It truly is a national publication designed to provide Canadian legal professionals with comprehensive and relevant legal information'. " 
In 2012-2012, Gary Rodrigues wrote 4 Slaw posts about the major Canadian legal research encyclopedias. At my place of work, I regularly use all of them. The posts are:

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