Monday, February 04, 2013

Latest Issue of Feliciter on Digital Rights Management

The February 2013 issue of Feliciter, the monthly journal of the Canadian Library Association, is now available online in 3 different formats:
The main theme of the issue is digital rights management.

Articles on the subject include:
  • Guest Editorial - Shifting Tides: How the Re-emergence of DRM Impacts Libraries
  • Digital Locks and Canadian Research Library Collections: Implications for Scholarship, Accessibility, and Preservation
  • Pick Your Digital Lock Battle: Is It the Law or Licenses We Should Be Worried About?
  • Canada’s E-book Withdrawal: Digital Rights Management and the Canadian Electronic Library
  • Public Libraries and E-books: After a Tumultuous Honeymoon, Seeking a Stable Marriage
  • Copyright and Digital Rights Management: Dealing with Artificial Access Barriers for Students with Print Disabilities

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