Sunday, May 03, 2015

Canadian Association of Law Libraries Conference - Vendor Demo byHeinOnline

This afternoon, at the 2015 conference of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries, a number of vendors presented demos of their newest products.
I was able to see the presentations by HeinOnline, Justis Publishing, SOQUIJ and Wolters Kluwer. 
Here are some of the highlights for HeinOnline.
US company HeinOnline is known for its deep collections of digitized journals, laws and texts.
Among its new offerings and/or enhancements are:

Some 100 periodicals from the ABA Law Library (American Bar Association) are now available in full colour PDF format.
The World Treaty library now has copies of 180,000 treaties including full collections of UN, League of Nation, historical treaties back to 1648 among others. All treaty metadata fields are searchable such as signatories, date of ratification, date of entry into force etc. 
The company has created a new Women and the Law collection with biographical information, and texts on abortion rights, suffrage, feminism and legal theory, rights, employment etc. 
The Index to Foreign Periodicals produced by the American Association of Law Libraries has been adding  lots of Commonwealth content and hopes to soon combine with the well-regarded product Brill's Foreign Law Guide. 
New products in development include a new collection on Religion and the Law as well of  Canadian Provincial Legislation that will include Annual statutes and Revised Statutes. 
HeinOnline has also been updating many existing collections:
It now has more than 2000 unique titles in the Law Journal Library all going back in PDF to the first issue, with 93 percent being available up to the most current issue or volume. The collection includes 700 international journals from 40 countries. 
I am happy to note that there is no longer any embargo on the most recent issues of the Supreme Court Reports available through HeinOnline. They are fully up to date.
HeinOnline has also made a number of enhancements to its interface, such as integration with the online document storage tool Dropbox, the introduction of  Author portal pages - authors can upload bio info, and add links out to their articles on other platforms, and the creation of interfaces in other languages (Spanish now exists, and French, Chinese and Russian are coming).

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