Saturday, March 04, 2017

Using YouTube for Teaching Legal Research

In late February, we hosted a focus group at my place of work to ask staff lawyers what they thought of our library reference services.

One of the questions had to do with our ongoing program of "Tips and Tricks" training sessions.
Once a month, we organize quick 15-20 minute meetings where we show how to research a topic (public international law, Quebec Civil Code, criminal law, UN Treaties, etc.).

We demo databases or websites and prepare a nice, clean, readable PDF handout for attendees. We also publish all our training PDFs on our library Intranet. We have created a few dozen topical handouts so far.

But the lawyers at the focus group became very excited when one attendee suddently suggested that everything be available on demand in audiovisual format, a sort of "library Netflix".

Well, this week, by chance I came across the YouTube channel created by the Education and Reference Department of the Boston College Law Library.

The channel includes many videos related to topical legal research courses offered at the College. Quite impressive.

I wonder if any Canadian law libraries have created online training videos like these.

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