Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Call for Fair Dealing Testimonials

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries runs the Fair Dealing in Canada website and it is looking for testimonials about the positive impact that fair dealing has had:
"As the Canadian government launches its review its Copyright Act in 2018 and as certain lobby groups seek to discredit the legitimacy of fair dealing, it is particularly important that we collect first-hand accounts of how fair dealing benefits Canadians."

"As the 2018 Fair Dealing Week approaches (February 26-March 2, 2018), CARL seeks to collect additional personal stories in which individuals express how they benefit from fair dealing. We are happy to add more experiences of those within educational sectors, but we are also hoping to broaden the scope of the site to include stories from outside academia."
As interpreted by Canadian courts, fair dealing is a recognized user right under copyright law that allows the use of limited quantities of copyright-protected content without permission from the copyright owner in certain circumstances, such as private study, research, criticism, review and news summary.


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