Monday, July 02, 2018

Who Will Trump Select to Replace Retiring US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy?

Last week, US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he is retiring as of the end of this month.

Who might Trump be thinking of as his replacement?

The California-based non-profit Free Law Project has compiled Trump’s Supreme Court List:
"In response to this announcement, President Trump stated that his next Supreme Court nomination would come from his existing list of potential Supreme Court justices."

"In our Judge and Appointment database, we have compiled extensive information about American judges, including their biographical data, the roles they have held before, during and after their time in the judicial branch, their political affiliations, and their campaign finance information (if applicable). The judges are also linked to the opinions they have authored."

"Below are links to every judge in our database that is on President Trump’s list. For a few judges, we have not yet completed this work, and so there’s no link."

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