Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Review of Ontario Civil Justice System

The Ontario government announced a few weeks ago it is looking into ways to reform the civil justice system of the province to make it more accessible and affordable. Former Associate Chief Justice of Ontario Coulter Osborne has been asked to study a range of issues, including the growing number of unrepresented litigants as well as ways to decrease delays and costs.

In the spring, the Advocates' Society released a report on Streamlining the Ontario Civil Justice System. This coincided with a policy forum called Into the Future that examined topics such as how to deal with the proliferation of expert evidence, and the increasingly complex discovery and trial processes. The forum also looked at how Quebec and British Columbia have been trying to make their civil justice systems more efficient and better for all involved [The Civil Justice Reform Working Group in British Columbia has made a lot of material available online]

Some articles on the Advocates' Society March 2006 Policy Forum:

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