Friday, April 20, 2007

More Water Law Resources

This is an update to my 2 posts this week on water law:

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has a number of public databases on the topic.

  • The Waterlex Legal Database "carries the full text of treaties and agreements, bi-lateral and multi-lateral, concluded by sovereign countries in regard to the development and management of rivers and lakes, and/or of groundwater resources, which form an international boundary line or which are bisected by such boundary line. Country and river/lake/basin/aquifer coverage does not purport to be exhaustive. WATERLEX covers a timespan from 1909 to-date."
  • Water Law and Standards is a joint project of the FAO and the World Health Organization. It includes a water standards database and a legislation database on the legal frameworks governing water resources in selected countries of the world. This legislation database covers "whether there is a basic water law in the country; what kinds of water it covers; who owns water; who is authorized to use water and how; whether and how pollution is controlled; and the nature of the government's administrative structure for water resources management."

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