Sunday, August 19, 2007

July/August 2007 Issue of The National (Canadian Bar Association)

The most recent issue of the Canadian Bar Association journal The National is available online (warning - the PDF file is quite large).

Among the interesting articles in this issue are:
  • Rising Tide (p. 24): "Climate change and political tensions have raised concerns about Canada’s ability to manage and control our vast fresh water supply. Water law experts forecast which way the tide is likely to turn."
  • The new landscape of law (p. 38): "The practice of law continues to experience great upheaval. Here are five vibrant practice areas that weren’t on the radar ten years ago, but might seem ordinary a mere decade from now." Those 5 areas are Internet gaming, global warming, life sciences, outsourcing, and privacy
  • The public eye (p. 46): "Cameras in the courtroom is an age-old debate that has received a new injection of urgency in the age of cellphone cameras and YouTube uploading. Should the future be televised?"

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