Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Material From LLRX.com

The law and technology resources site LLRX.com has just published new material for August 2007.

Here are some of the articles that caught my attention:
  • Legal Information Management in a Global and Digital Age: Revolution and Tradition, by Claire Germain, Edward Cornell Law Librarian & Professor of Law, Cornell Law School: "This article presents an overview of the public policy issues surrounding digital libraries, and describes some current trends, such as Web 2.0, the social network. It discusses the impact of globalization and the Internet on international and foreign law information, the free access to law movement and open access scholarship, and mass digitization projects, then turns to some concerns, focusing on preservation and long term access to born digital legal information and authentication of official digital legal information. It finally discusses new roles for librarians, called upon to evaluate the quality of information teach legal research methodology and be advocates in information policy."
  • IM a Librarian: Establishing a Virtual Reference Service with Little Cost or Technical Skill, by Bonnie Shucha, Head of Reference, University of Wisconsin - Madison Law Library: "Librarians can take advantage of these real-time communications tools also. No longer must virtual reference systems be expensive or complex. With today's real-time communication tools, librarians can establish a virtual reference service with relatively little expense or technical expertise. In the article, I'll demonstrate how by exploring the pros and cons of real-time communication; explaining how real-time communication works in a library setting; and introducing two free, easy-to-use applications for virtual reference."
  • Technology and the Generation Gap, by Genevieve Zook, Reference & Instructional Services Librarian, Law Library, University of Wisconsin - Madison: "While the young are busy posting an apology to their readership on their blog, before they take an extended summer vacation with their family; the older generations are slow to make use of the latest gadgets and online tools, and are baffled by the reason one would want to post the date you will be absent from your house on the Net. The resulting clash is being called a new generation gap."
  • Law and Technology Podcasts, by Roger V. Skalbeck, Associate Law Librarian for Electronic Resources and Services at Georgetown Law Library in Washington: "During my commute on the Washington, DC metro, I rarely have enough room to butterfly my newspaper, let alone actually get a seat. Since I can't read law and technology news en route to work, I now listen to it instead. Unsurprisingly, there are numerous high-quality podcasts in these areas. Based on my personal experience, following are a very select handful of useful podcasts covering topics such as technology policy, law, and web development."

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