Monday, March 17, 2008

Supreme Court Reports Digitization Continues - Thousands of New Judgments To Be Made Available

Right now, coverage of Supreme Court of Canada decisions on free public sites like CanLII and LexUM is spotty for anything before the mid-1980s.

I have just received word from the director of the Supreme Court of Canada Library that:

"The SCC/LexUM database will be updated with all the older decisions that were already available on CanLII ... (as part of ScanLII - most cited cases 1930-1985 - and Ontario Court of Appeal decisions appealed to the SCC from 1875-1985) as well as the balance of decisions published in the SCRs [Supreme Court Reports] from 1970-1985. This amounts to approximately 4,606 documents (decisions prior to 1970 are only in one language, while 1970 on are available in both official languages)."

"We should see the ScanLII and OntCA decisions by March 31, followed by the balance in the late spring."

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