Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Information Today's Trends Watch 2011

Paula J. Hane, columnist with Information Today, recently published her Review of the Year 2010 and Trends Watch 2011:
"The year 2010 saw the emergence of the iPad, the Android, and apps—lots and lots of apps. The market for mobile computing skyrocketed this year. And, information industry providers were quick to jump in with content delivery apps of all kinds."

"But, I actually think it’s a toss-up for top news of the year. While some say 2010 was the year of the app, there’s also a very strong case that it could be considered the year of the ebook. And, in our information industry, you could make a claim for it being the year of the platform relaunch (...) Content providers hustled to implement new platform architectures that would provide a more agile development environment (i.e., make improvements faster) and provide customers with a more satisfying and productive search experience (i.e., more like Google)."

"At any rate, it’s been a fast moving, mobile, digital, always connected, and social world in 2010. I think we can expect more of the same in 2011. Will we see a backlash to such constant connectivity?... The pace does take its toll."


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