Monday, January 24, 2011

Library Day in the Life Project Round 6

This week marks the beginning of the "6th round" of the Library Day in the Life Project.

American librarian Bobbi L. Newman started the idea of blogging about A Day in the life of a Librarian and the idea then morphed into the Library Day in the Life project wiki.

The project asks librarians to share stories about what a "typical" workday encompasses. There are hundreds of contributions so far.

Here is how to get involved as per the wiki's instructions:

Any one who works in a library can participate. You may share your day (or week) on your blog, Twitter, Flickr and/or YouTube (or any other way you choose. If you have none of these don't worry, just create a new page in the wiki and post your day there. Once you decided on your format(s)

  1. Create a PB Wiki account (it's free)!
  2. Add your name, your job title (so we can see what you do at a glance) and a link to your blog, Twitter, Flickr and/or YouTube account. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DELETE OR EDIT ENTRIES OF OTHERS.
  3. Start capturing your day.
    1. Include your job title and the type of library you work in at the beginning of your post.
    2. Include a link back to librarydayinthelife the wiki
  4. Bloggers, Flickr & YouTube users tag your posts with librarydayinthelife. Twitters use the #libday6
  5. After your first post come back and edit this page to change your blog link to a link to your tagged posts
  6. Add your Flickr photos or videos to the Group on Flickr and/or join the Facebook Page.
  7. Follow along!
    1. What the Hashtag
    2. Netvibes page
Here is my contribution from an earlier round in 2009. I will try to cook something up for Round 6.

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