Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Updated GlobaLex Research Guides - EU Law and Comparative Civil Procedure

The GlobaLex collection at the New York University Law School has updated a number of its research guides:
  • European Union Legal Materials: An Infrequent User's Guide: "This guide is intended for the researcher who infrequently needs to research European Union (EU) law or related materials or to locate EU official documents. The expert or experienced researcher should consult the research guides listed at the end of this article for more detailed information on EU legal materials. With the addition of Bulgaria and Romania in 2007, the EU has a population of approximately 493 million people comprising twenty-seven European nations. The EU gross national product has a value of nearly U.S. $11 trillion, a bit larger than the U.S. economy (...) knowledge of EU law will become more widespread as this organization takes a more prominent role in international trade and international affairs generally. Even the law library that does not consider international law a strength of its collection will occasionally have to meet the needs of patrons seeking to locate information on EU law."
  • Comparative Civil Procedure: A Guide to Primary and Secondary Sources: "The comparison of legal systems has for a long time been an essential branch of legal research and jurisprudence. It has become even more important and relevant in our era of globalization, an era in which there is no field of law that can base its knowledge exclusively on national ideas and rules of procedure (...) The first part of this guide lists: general works of comparative civil procedure; basic books about the civil and common-law systems; and encyclopedias and treatises covering several jurisdictions. The remainder of the guide is arranged by country. Depending upon the country, the sources listed may be in English or in the vernacular (or both in some cases). Under 'Primary Sources' are listed codes of civil procedure and civil procedure statutes and, for civil law jurisdictions, basic treatises and commentaries. Under 'Secondary Sources' are listed monographs, treatises and commentaries (for common law jurisdictions), which may also contain the text of civil procedure code sections and statutes."
More research guides can be found from the GlobaLex home page.

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