Saturday, October 29, 2011

Canadian Library Association National Salary Survey 2011

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has published its 2011 national salary survey.

The price is$59.95 + GST. CLA Members can purchase the survey for $53.95 + GST.

Among the highlights:
  • Survey conducted from February 16 to April 16, 2011.
  • Received 1667 complete response (out of 2083 initial responses); retention rate of approximately 80%
  • MEDIAN INCOME of respondents employed full-time was $67,000 per year, ranging widely across the country from $38,675 among the lowest paid 10% to $110,000 among the highest paid 10%.
    • Full-time respondents with a Master of Library and Information Science (or equivalent) degree (n=1012) earned a median salary of $ 71,696 per year.
    • Full-time respondents with a Library Technician Diploma/Certificate (or equivalent) (n=275) earned a median of $48,412.
  • PROVINCES AND TERRITORIES: Respondents from throughout Canada participated in the survey, with 32.0% from Ontario (n=534); 21.5% from British Columbia (n=358); 15.5% from Quebec (n=258); 11.8% from Alberta (n=196); 5.9% from Manitoba (n=99); 5.3% from Nova Scotia (n=88); 2.3% from Saskatchewan (n=39); 1.9% from New Brunswick (n=31); 1.9% from Newfoundland and Labrador (n=31); 0.8% from Yukon (n=14); 0.6% from Prince Edward Island (n=10); 0.3% from the Northwest Territories (n=5); and 0.2% from Nunavut (n= 4).
  • EMPLOYERS of respondents were primarily academic libraries (30.6%; n=510); public libraries (22.4%; n=373); government (22%; n=367); and schools (7.8%; n=130).
  • PRIMARY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: nearly one quarter of the respondents were in Administration and Management (24.7% ; n=412), followed by 16.1% in Reference and Research (n=269); 13.6% having general responsibilities (n=226); 7.1% in Cataloguing/Metadata (n=118); 6.6% in Instruction, Training, User Instruction, Information Literacy (n=110); 4.7% in Children’s Services (n=78); 4.9% in Collections Development/Management (n=81).
    • A full 11.2% (n=187) wrote in responses, providing combinations of areas listed (e.g. Cataloguing & Web content management), indicating that their duties lie in “all” of the areas, or indicating new areas that were technology-based (e.g. social media).

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